EUGHHHHhhh……. Feelings are all muddled? Would you like to come and have some fun so you feel better? Maybe you would like to draw or play some games? We can play together and sort out all that muddled feeling and be HAPPY!

If this is how your child feels, please read further……

Unlike adults and many young people, children are not able to describe what is going on for them. They communicate their struggles through their play and behaviour.

Have you noticed changes in your child’s behaviour? Have you experienced clingy behaviour? Are they isolating themselves? Have you noticed new frustrations or anger? Are the school concerned? Modern life is so complicated for children, so it’s no wonder that our children struggle at times.

Children also heal with play and creative activities in a therapeutic setting. I will help your child feel safe to express themselves in their play, which can help them to learn about their emotions, develop ways of communicating and behaving more positively, and become more resilient to life’s struggles.

Please see the Privacy Notice, which tells you how I will use the information your child gives me in our sessions.