Counselling or psychotherapy is a process which helps you to develop an awareness and understanding of yourself, your struggles, emotions, strengths and joys; in your current life or from your past; so that you can make positive choices for your future. This is done through talking and / or using creative methods. This allows you the opportunity to gain an understanding of your situation and can have a long lasting positive impact on your day to day life.

Whilst face to face therapy consists of us meeting in a therapy space at the same time each week, online therapy via Zoom allows you the opportunity to access counselling at a time and in a private place that may be more convenient to you.

Online therapy can help with issues such as depression and anxiety (including health anxiety), abuse, stress (including work stress), family and relationships, isolation, bereavement and loss for example.

Not all types of issues can be resolved effectively via online therapy and I will advise if face to face therapy or another form of support may be more suitable for you. Where possible I will provide with you with information of other suitable supports.

If you are planning on attending online therapy via Zoom please note the following

  • How do you feel about working online via Zoom / video conferencing? Do you have any questions or worries that I can help with? Please have a look at the Zoom instruction video before our session to familiarise yourself with how to log on and let me know if you have any questions
  • Do you have a private space where you will not be disturbed or overheard (the use of a headset or music / white noise played outside of the room you are using, may help if there are others in the house). I will also be in a private space.
  • Do you have a stable internet connection, so as we can keep contact for the duration of the session without interruptions? (for example if you are using your home internet is there anyone else using it that might slow it down?) We will also make a plan for when the connection fails so as we can continue the session if you wish.
  • Is your devise connected to any other device via Bluetooth that may risk your session being overheard (for example if your phone automatically connects to your car)
  • Does your telephone / internet payment plan allow you to hold the connection / What are your usage limits?
  • You will be asked to pay for sessions in advance either via paypal or directly into a current account, do you have a way of doing this?

If you have any questions or worries about any of the above please contact me on 0863630875 or 07749117369 so I can put your mind at ease.


What will happen when you contact me for Online Therapy

  • I will send you an agreement via email, this will include my responsibilities to you, what you can expect from therapy, payment and cancellation details, confidentiality and limitations to confidentiality, and your responsibilities as client.
  • I will send you a copy of my privacy notice via email, which outlines how I will use your information
  • You will be asked to agree to these documents by return email before an appointment is made
  • We will then set up an appointment to explore what it is you would like to get from counselling in more detail.
  • For this appointment I will send you a link to our meeting via email, please look at the Zoom instructions before our session time.
  • Click here for information on what our sessions might be like

If you have any questions or would like an appointment my Contact and Fee information is here